Schluter Jolly Tile Profiles

Information about Schluter-JOLLY Tile Profiles

Schluter-JOLLY Installation

Schluter-JOLLY installation is made easy by simple instructions that are included with the product. The thickness of the profile selected needs to match the thickness of the tile you are installing the Schluter-JOLLY with. Schluter-JOLLY easy installation includes the ease of using the same materials that you use to lay the actual tile. There are no special tools required to install Schluter-JOLLY profiles in addition to your tile. Schluter-JOLLY multiple tile height profiles mean you can find a size to fit any application you may be installing in your home.


Schluter-JOLLY can be used as edging for outside wall corners, or as a transition between flooring surfaces as well. The variety of colors and materials that are available make these profiles easy to install with almost any tile application and any type of tile as well. You need to be sure that the profile is just slightly shorter than the tile to assure that you are creating a smooth, even surface. It can be installed on wall corners to protect them from wear and damage, on the edges of stairs to prevent damage to tile as well as created a safe surface, as well as in any tile application to join different types of tile or any other floor material. For more info, visit